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GodGivenGifts1 Magazine is the go-to magazine to meet, get to know and support a rare variety of artists, entrepreneurs as well as businesses, brands and their products. Get yourself or your business featured. Our main topics are: Art, Lifestyle, Travel and Entrepreneurship.

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What is GodGivenGifts1? 

God Given Gifts One or simply @GodGivenGifts1 is a worldwide artists and creators as well as uniquely curated news and media platform. An avenue for creators, brands, businesses and organizations to share their stories and products to an audience that is into what they are making and would love to support them.
We feature and promote artists, designers, authors, writers, entrepreneurs, organizations, brands, businesses, products, services and more. With us Representation Matters and so do you.

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GodGivenGifts1 Magazine Issue 01

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GodGivenGifts1 Magazine Issue 02

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God Given Gifts One | @GodGivenGifts1 is a worldwide artists and creators platform. An avenue for them to showcase their works and creations to an audience that is into what they are making and love to support people like them. Founded by CLOVIS AP, a Creative himself and Entrepreneur, his vision and goals were to have an outlet, a place, a platform where creatives could have that mutual support along with building and expanding their brand to reach out to a specific audience that will love and support them the way it has to be done. Experiencing that lack of support and connection plus all the possible tools in the first place, CLOVIS AP did not want to continue that way as he had great and positive goals for his life and people around him, especially like-minded and that is how GodGivenGifts1 along with his other ventures was founded or started or even created to cut those blocks out, to make sure creatives get a voice, platform and tools that will help them pursue their artistic and creative career the right way and find success doing what they love. This is for all of you out there with God Given Gifts who were created to create. Use our Hashtag #GodGivenGifts1 and our our handle @GodGivenGifts1 to tag us on Instagram. Spread the word by telling your creative friends about us and by sharing this with them too. Visit our website

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