Elisha Cutter Art Voice With The Box Method And BAM

Elisha Cutter Art Voice With The Box Method And BAM

Elisha Cutter

Widely known as a rising graphic illustrator, comic book artist, and footwear designer, Elisha focuses on the sense of portrait art, which visually demonstrates emotions, storytelling, and color theory through life and imagination. 

She graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC, Class of 2017. Also, discovered the love of footwear and color theory with a minor in footwear design at London College of Fashion in 2017 and color design at PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy in 2018. As you can read in Elisha Cutter's bio

Elisha Cutter always wanted to have a large network of like-minded people and expand her horizon going from nationwide to worldwide and the only way she could do that was to start her own community to pursue her passion and mission. From there The Box Method was created with a purpose to showcase her work and most importantly the journey of an artist throughout the time.

Elisha Cutter - The Method Box

Elisha Cutter

The Box Method took off and her need to grow and innovate as a creative led to the creation of The BAM Project, with BAM standing for Black Art Movement that she initiated together with the help of many artist in the United States; along with Victoria Orellana, Mary Rose King and Nikki Eason as co-founders.

The BAM Project as an organization and movement is to represent Black History in America with The Queen City, Charlotte in North Carolina involvement on a mission help artists of color gain more exposure and also receive more opportunities that will help them in their career. Elisha Cutter goal with The BAM Project is to expand it and spread the message further to reach many artists nationwide and beyond.

Elisha Cutter - SouthEnd ARTS
Elisha Cutter 1st Place at SouthEnd ARTS Gallery

Elisha Cutter - Shein

With all the effort Elisha Cutter put into The Box Method and her initiative while exhibiting her art at RAW Artists, Art with Heart Foundation, Conception Arts, and so on; she also received awards from SouthEnd Arts Gallery. All these events and achievements strengthened her confidence and she kept going with her vision and mission:

"I create stories within my artwork and leave a statement to show the meaning behind each piece. I want my work to have a voice, because we all have one.", she says.

Written by Clovis AP


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